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The establishment of the world's first multipurpose complex dedicated to supporting LCD televisions manufacturing was conceptualized in 2004.

At that time, the Tainan City Government answered the demand for setting up a science park to accommodate peripheral outfits in support of the burgeoning optoelectronics industry in the Tainan Science Park. The city government selected a track of land, sized at 247 hectares inside the "TSP designated area" that was created in the spirit of "levitated division," to set up a LCD-TV-industrial support complex. That was the beginning of Tree Valley Park.

In May of 2004, in a move to ease the financial strains on municipal coffers and effectively pool private funding and resources, the city government commissioned Lian Ci Development Corp., in accordance with "Statue for Upgrading Industries ," at a budget of NT$16 billion, to build the complex. The project would be financed by the private sector. The developer would also be duly reimbursed upon the sales of the property by the city government. The designation of an industrial complex was completed in January, 2005 - 8 months after the conception of the project. In April of the same year, construction of public facilities began concurrently with the building of the complex. The partnership made best use of private funding and administrative mobility, and served as a milestone for co-development projects between the government and the private sector.

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